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"Form Follows Function"

Is your web site's design effective?

Having a great looking web site is always an advantage. It never hurts to make a good first impression. But, have you ever been to a site that's been over designed?

An over designed site can lose focus, and water down the message you're attempting to convey. A picture should be worth a thousand words, but too many graphics can slow down and frustrate a potential customer, and send them elsewhere.

Is it easy to navigate, and can users find the information they are looking for with a minimal amount of effort?

While we always strive for design excellence, we also try to keep the user in mind. Simply put, we design sites that brand your company well, and get users to the information they are looking for, in a professional and practical presentation.

Vertice Web Creations specializes in creating sites that work on all platforms, in all browsers, and at all resolutions.

So if you're launching your companies web site for the first time, or just looking to put a more professional face on an existing site, Vertice can help.






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