Did you know that if your site isn't optimized, it could be costing you customers and money?

Even if you have a great looking web site, are you sure it performs optimally?

search engine optimization

Having a tough time getting your site found on Google or Yahoo. A site that isn't Search Engine Optimized might look great, but never actually be found by your potential customers. Keyword frequency, metatags, and appropriate linking are all keys to making sure your site can be found by your potential customers. So whether your business only deals with local customers, or if you're looking to reach a global market, Search Engine Optimization is a must for any website. Vertice can help with finding the right search terms to maximize your sites visability, help you set up a Google adwords account, and make sure your site gets found.

site performance optimization

A slow loading website, or a site that doesn't look correct in all browsers can quickly cause your potential customers to take their business elsewhere. And when they go, most times, you'll never know why. All browsers interpret html differently. If your site hasn't been coded professionally, what may look fine in Internet Explorer on your PC, may not appear correctly in Firefox, Safari, Opera or even other PCs. If you haven't checked your site at different resolutions, on other platforms, or other browsers, maybe you should. You may be surprised!

Most small business web sites are hosted by a outside service provider. If your site is, did you know that your site is billed two ways? Most ISPs bill you, not only for server space, but also for bandwidth or "transfer usage". What does that mean to you? If your website has graphics that aren't properly compressed, or html files with extraneous code, your site is using bandwidth it doesn't have to. Having your code and graphics optimized will ensure not only a fast load for your client, but also save you bandwidth and money.

Vertice Web Creations specializes in not only creating sites that work on all platforms, in all browsers, and at all resolutions, we can also optimize your existing site, and make sure that ALL your customers see your web site the way you intended it to be seen.


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